Tips for ‘U’ n ‘i’

Assalamualaikum & Good afternoon , we are back with Tips for ‘U’ n ‘i’, Today we will talk about importance to know your urine color.
So, excretion of urine is very important for different bodily functions.Our kidney’s job is to filter blood. They remove wastes, control the body’s fluid balance, and keep the right levels of electrolytes. All of the blood in our body passes through them several times a day.

Blood comes into the kidney, waste gets removed, and salt, water, and minerals are adjusted, if needed. The filtered blood goes back into the body. Waste gets turned into urine, which collects in the kidney’s pelvis-a funnel-shaped structure that drains down a tube called the ureter to the bladder

Hence, what color is your urine today?

If you notice any of these, please seek medical advice from nearest physician:

1.FROTHY URINE- sign of protein in urine 

2.BLOOD IN URINE- this is not due to menstrual period

3.CHANGED OF URINE COLOR- due to consumption of foods or medicine

Here, in U.n.i KLINIK SHAH ALAM, SEKSYEN 13, we provide rapid urine test which can help detect diseases of the urinary system as well as metabolic diseases like diabetes or liver disease. 

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