Tips for ‘U’ n ‘i’ : OVARIAN CYSTS

Assalamualaikum & Hi,We are back with Tips for ‘U’ n ‘i’, today we are going talk about the symptoms of Ovarian Cysts. The ovaries are part of the female reproductive system. They’re located in the lower abdomen on both sides of the uterus. Women have two ovaries that produce eggs as well as the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Sometimes, a fluid-filled sac called a cyst will develop on one of the ovaries. Many women will develop at least one cyst during their lifetime. In most cases, cysts are painless and cause no symptoms. Commonly, ovarian cysts do not cause any symptoms. However, symptoms can appear as the cyst grows and may include:

Severe symptoms of an ovarian cyst that require immediate medical attention include:

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